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Indoor Scavenger Hunt Board

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Includes: Each board measures 20cm (w) x 20cm (h) & has a cut out handle for those little hands to grip on to

Are you seeking a fun and interactive indoor activity for your kids? Look no further! Our Indoor Scavenger Hunt board by Timber Tots is designed to ignite their curiosity, spark friendly competition, and create lasting memories for the entire family.

This beautifully crafted board features 14 engaging items commonly found in homes, ready to be discovered and marked off with chalk or a chalkboard pen. Watch as your little ones explore their surroundings with enthusiasm, working together or competing to complete the hunt!

To up the ante, set a timer or offer a prize to the winner, turning this entertaining activity into a true family bonding experience. Perfect for playdates, sleepovers, or even a rainy day at home, the Scavenger Hunt Board is sure to bring hours of excitement and laughter.

Proudly crafted with sustainable, locally-sourced timber and finished with natural beeswax, this eco-friendly board measures 20cm (w) x 20cm (h), making it a beautiful addition to your home. The handle cut-out is thoughtfully designed to accommodate smaller hands, ensuring a comfortable grip for kids of all ages.

So why wait? Create cherished memories and inspire your child's sense of adventure with this charming, fun-filled activity. Order the Ultimate Indoor Scavenger Hunt Board today and let the games begin!

Made from locally sourced sustainable timber and finished with natural bees wax.

Wipe with a damp cloth