Andrew and family

Welcome to Timber Kids, a little store where everything we create is inspired by nature.

We are a family-run business on a mission to reduce the number of plastic toys in homes by providing beautiful, hand-illustrated, eco-friendly timber toys, learning tiles, nursery decor, and gift cards.

At the heart of Timber Kids is Jade, our lead designer and the creative force behind many of our products. Jade's passion for drawing and creating was reignited during a challenging period when her eldest daughter faced health issues.

What started as a way to pass the time in the hospital, drawing pictures for her daughter, soon evolved into a rediscovery of her passion for creativity and the inception of Timber Kids. Her illustrations, celebrated by friends and family, now bring joy to countless households worldwide.

Our commitment extends beyond just creating toys. We believe the world we pass on to our children and the following generations is our ultimate legacy. Hence, we strive to create all our products with minimal environmental impact. Our toys are eco-friendly and uniquely educational, designed to inspire little imaginations and withstand the test of time.

Every aspect of Timber Kids is touched by the hands of our family, from design to packing and sending orders. Our children are actively involved in the process, learning the values of hard work, creativity, and sustainability firsthand.

With every purchase you make from Timber Kids, know that you are supporting a small family business that celebrates each order with a family high five and a newly planted tree (via Greenspark).

Thanks for stopping by, and best wishes for the months ahead!

Andrew, Emily and family